Visiting South Korea – Things To Remember

South Korea is one of the world’s leading countries, ranking 18th in estimated GDP for the year 2018. South Koreans also enjoy a high standard of living as the country is well developed and has much to offer in both infrastructure and facilities for its people. It also, courtesy of the Hallyu Wave that took Asia and then the World by storm, also has a thriving tourism industry. With more than 13 million tourists visiting the country in 2017 and that number is expected to rise in 2018.  If you are planning to travel to South Korea, you have made a good choice. You will be spoilt for choices in the country, with many things you can do and enjoy. However when you visit a foreign country there are things you need to remember and keep in mind during your trip and the same applies to South Korea.

Mind your manners and be polite 

South Koreans are courteous to people around them and they have a social structure which dictates how you address and behave towards those who are senior and elder to you. You even have a specific way to approach those younger to you. Thus make sure you study this well and use the correct terms and manners when you approach or speak to people. And always remember to be polite and friendly. If you are nice and well-mannered, Koreans would be more willing to help you out. If you are loud and rude, don’t expect them to pay any attention or be kind to you.  

Eat your side dishes 

If you travel to restaurants near incheon airport, seoul and anywhere else in Korea, you would find that they would first serve you side dishes that you did not order to your table. In South Korean Restaurant culture, about four to five side dishes are given for free and will be refilled when you finish it up. Side dishes are important in Korean meals and are generally eaten with Rice. They are known as Bakchan and are perfect accompaniments to a meal. Thus make sure you try each of them out. 

Decide on where you want to stay beforehand 

While this is rather general, it is important that you purchase or reserve a room before you travel. Many tourists or people who visit for business purposes would like to travel to the city first and then figure out their accommodation or facility they want. This is simply a terrible thing to do. First you may end up over paying for Rooms. Say you want to travel to Incheon, if you try to find incheon hotels meeting rooms or just simple bedrooms and you try to get them at the last minute, due to high demand and less availability of those rooms you would end up being charged quite a lot. If you really want to save money so you can spend that on other things, then make sure to purchase your rooms before you travel.  

Ultimately South Korea is a wonderful country to travel to as a tourist so keep in mind the tips above and have an enjoyable trip. 

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