Top 5 Features Of Luxury

The common understanding is that luxury is not everyone’s plate of food. Some people may genuinely say luxury is overrated and high priced, some may say that it is the ultimate waste of money, some may say luxury must be made the definition of life. People view luxury in different ways. May hotels and resorts are rated seven stars and are considered luxurious, but are they truly? Is a five star resort not truly luxurious?  

There are some features that must be present in any hotel to be considered luxurious. In fact these factors can assess the service of a resort or a hotel. We all look for an upscale, unique and a never before experience with all our life choices, similarly choosing the bets hotel for your vacation and choosing the best services at the right price is difficult. It is important to assess the luxury of an establishment with its true quality and not the number of stars it carries.  

Friendly staff 

The employees and staff should be friendly and outgoing, they must possess human skills which attract new customers and retain the old. Smiles, body language, serviceability and contact with customers are major attributes of a luxury hotel. Luxury hotels in Phuket are known for its friendly and warm staff and welcome.  

Ability to fulfill requests 

When you look for temporary accommodation in a hotel there are some essentials you look for in addition to the bed, meals and shower. You may request a certain room in a certain floor with close proximity to the elevator and emergency exit or even accommodations for disabled, ill or the elderly. These factors are generally forgotten in common hospitality sense. It is important to rate the hotel with regards to the ability to fulfill additional requests.  

Food and beverages 

Quality and taste of food is one of the main concerns of any customer. They hygiene attached with the food too carries utmost importance. Especially, the food must feature the environment you are in. for an example if you are in a highly greenery environment it is important that they put out a vast spread of salads with a live salad station and fruits in various mixes. That portrays the environment and the buildup of the hotel or resort. Patong seafood restaurant is one of the best examples available for food and cuisines which portray the ambience of the nature of the resort or hotel.  

Problem resolution  

There may be several types of problems which arise with a customer, it is important that the hotel takes up effective problem solving methods and offer feasible solutions to the customers.  

Recreational activities 

There must be 24/7 recreational services available for the guests and customers to enjoy their vacation off.  

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